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  Find short term assignments from the convenience of your mobile phone

The easiest and most convenient way to earn more as a nurse

Work for multiple agencies all at once

allshifts is the smartest way to earn extra money with your professional license. No more applying for multiple agencies hoping to find a case that works for you. They all get pooled to you as long as you meet the criteria. And even then, you control which assignments you take.

Your license allows you to be extraordinary

With a nursing license, more doors of opportunity open up. This also includes the way in which you can earn. Only those with professional licenses coupled with experience can do what you do. Make visits to a patient’s home and do what you do best…professional nursing!

Rate your agency

Help the nursing community in Allshifts to connect with the best agencies out there. Rate your experience and feed the community. This rating system works both ways and is kept anonymous.

How it all works

The process is very simple



When you are alerted of a possible assignment, you read the details; such as the SBAR, location of patient’s home, etc. If it is satisfactory, you communicate with the agency with any more questions. Ask any and all questions regarding the patient/assignment. Frequency of visits? What type of visits?


Once you are assigned, you make your scheduled visit or call the patient to make an appointment. Whether it is a wound care visit, medication teaching or home safety, your role as a professional nurse never changes.


Nursing notes

After each visit, you must create nursing notes. This is the part very familiar with all nurses. No matter what we do, nursing notes is part of what we do.


Route Sheets

Each week, you must turn in your route sheets to each respective agency. This is how they process your payment. Nursing notes + route sheets = paycheck!

How do we get started?

Its very simple. Create an account and upload the necessary documents. Schedule an interview. Once you are approved, start receiving assignments right from your mobile phone.

allshifts is in Los Angeles, CA